Nico Terol takes up the challenge to wander over the ice fields of Patagonia

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Bancaja Aspar rider Nico Terol has already left his home in Bocairente to embark on a very special journey. Today he met up at the Madrid Barajas airport with his friend, the mountaineer Jesús Calleja who presents the television programme Desafío Extremo, and the rest of the team that makes up the expedition (Emilio Valdés, camera man, and Enrique Calleja). From Madrid they will take course to Buenos Aires and from there directly to Calafate. The final destination of the trip and departure point of the glacial adventure will be Perito Moreno.
Last year the same show already saw Dani Pedrosa and Hector Barbera climb the Montblanc.

During the next two weeks Nico will make an excursion of the third-largest ice field in the world (surpassed solely by the Antarctic and Greenland). The goal is to cross the South Patagonian Icefield from south to north until reaching the top at almost 3000 metres: the Cerro Gorra Blanca (a mountain top of ice and snow, located at the border between Chile and Argentina). In the next fifteen days the Bancaja Aspar rider will experience extreme temperatures and winds, and hard moments which will be compensated with the immense view of the glacier and one of the most beautiful mountain chain in the world: the Circo de los Altares.

Nico Terol: “This morning the adventure with Jesús Calleja begins and I’m extremely excited. No is the best time to do these kind of things, because we are in the off-season. I like challenges and to experience the cold and to be lost in the middle of Patagonia will help me recharge my batteries before facing the new year. Surely Jesús prepared some surprises, but I will try to stand up to the task. I’ve always like being in the mountains and even though I’ve never did anything this extreme, I think that I’ll do well. I can’t wait to march over those glaciers and to see how I respond to the extreme temperatures. There’ll certainly be times when I wish to be at home instead, but it will be a great challenge.”

Source: Mapfre Aspar Team
Photo: Nico Terol’s Twitter

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