Students to design new helmets and logos for Barbera and Terol

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The graphic design college of Alcoy and its students are preparing the project “Contest for the 2011 logo and helmet design of Hector Barbera and Nico Terol”.

The students of the higher classes will participate in this project. They have a short period of time to present different designs, until mid-January. The designs will be for the helmet, logo and number that Hector Barbera will use in MotoGP and Nico Terol in 125cc during the 2011 season.

Direction and teachers of the Alcoy school of graphic design were very interested in the project. Even though there’s only little time for it, but in interviews they did with the riders over two days they already found out all about their tastes, passion and likings, which are important elements to be able to express their ideas as best as possible and match the personality of each rider. The winning design will receive a medal award and the helmet design will be produced by AIROH and signed.

Héctor Barbera: “I like this new idea a lot, it is a good form to offer these students a very ambitious challenge. It is something new for them, but certainly exactly the type of thing they are looking for. Best of luck to all of them and we hope it’ll be difficult to chose the best at the end.”

Source: Aspar Team

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