Simon ready to go racing, Forés suffering possible fracture

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Today has marked the end of preseason for the teams of the small classes and the final chances to test all their settings and configurations. The next time you’ll see the riders out on track will be at the first race of the year.
The day started well and the sun has encouraged riders to go out on track quickly, like yesterday, but at noon it was overcast and temperatures started to drop significantly. We already know from last season that in Moto2 it’s difficult to predict anything, but during the last three days of testing the names of Simon, Bradl and Marquez, among others, could be seen as possible contenders for victory in the opening round of the 2011 campaign.

Mapfre Aspar rider Julian Simon is ready to take on the inaugural event of the year. After having completed all testing yesterday, today Julian sought to maintain a high pace for many laps. This morning, shortly after going out on track, he improved his best laptime from yesterday by four tenths and for the rest of the day he was running at a comfortable pace of 1.43. Shortly before the end of the combined session the Villacañas native concluded his work, temperatures had begun to drop and he preferred not to risk anything.
His teammate Xavi Fores has been the victim of misfortune today after the day had started well for him. He also greatly improved his laptime this morning and was riding comfortably, but a collision with a 125cc rider saw him crash at turn 7. The diagnosis of the Clinica Mobile has been a possible fracture of the third metacarpal of the right hand and he will undergo more checks tomorrow. Still, Xavi wanted to go out again to see how much he could still ride with it, but had to give up after two laps.

Julián Simón 1.43.542 (68 laps): “I wanted to finish the preseason already, I’m going crazy to start racing. Today we did many laps, but there comes a time when, after many tests, what we really want is to start racing. Today has been more productive than yesterday, the wind has subsided a bit and we worked better. The morning started very well, because in the third lap I improved my laptime. Our goal was to confirm that everything worked as it should. We have focused primarily on the pace, to keep a high rhythm with ease, maybe we didn’t do a single quick lap, but that’s the least of my worries right now. I am very calm and confident for the first race. During these days I took it calmly, because I wanted to avoid crashing and to reach Qatar in top form. The preseason has been very positive, both in Valencia and here we were quick. We have also accumulated a lot of information and miles and go to Qatar having tested every bit of the bike. We are in a good position to fight for victory in the first race.”

Xavi Forés (1.44.554 22 laps): “This morning I went out on old tires, with which I finished yesterday, and just after I got out, in the third lap, I improved by half a second on my laptime. I think this was a very positive step and I was very happy. I stopped for a minor modification to the rear suspension and when I went back out I had a crash. In the seventh turn I ran into a 125cc bike and when I tried to avoid it I crashed. In the Clinica they told me that I possibly have a fracture in the third metacarpal of the right hand. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll have it checked out in Valencia. Now I have to take care of the hand, to recover fully before the first race. When the mechanics had repaired the bike I went back on track to see how it felt, but the hand hurt a lot during heavy braking, so we decided to stop. Before that I did two start tests and they went well. Apart from the hand I’m happy because the preseason has been positive and we are gradually arriving in this class.”

Source: Mapfre Aspar Team

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