Tito Rabat models for new sponsor “Wasted 1985”

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Since motorcycle racing is not only a sport, but also a way of living, many lifestyle companies have started to discover MotoGP racers as perfect advertisers for their target group. Especially in Spain and Italy where riders have a huge following, new sponsors are regularly popping up left and right, using the well-trained athletes as their poster boys.

Former 125cc and now Moto2 rider Tito Rabat – who switched to number 34 in the new class since his trademark number 12 is already taken by Tom Lüthi – has now also clinched a deal with Spanish urban clothing brand Wasted 1985. Aimed at young and dynamic audiences who like to wear comfortable and stylish clothes, the first collection of Wasted 1985 features a line of hoodies, shirts and pants and can be found in multi-brand stores in Spain. To promote the new brand they struck up sponsorships with young athletes like Tito Rabat who is the image of the first catalog.
With the signing of this partnership, Tito adds a new sponsor his other personal sponsors Alcohol Killer and TDS and will wear their clothes for the 2011 season.

Tito Rabat: “I’ve been wearing them for a few days already and they seem very well made, very stylish and comfortable. The fabrics are comfortable and of quality. I feel very good with them. I am very happy with this agreement, because it is important for me to see that in the difficult times we have right now, where it is very difficult to get support, there are still those who trust me. I hope to honour that trust with good results and outstanding performances. Moreover, I am thrilled that my debut in Moto2 and the one of Wasted 1985 start at the same time.”

Wasted 1985 representative: “We believe in Tito as the image for the launch of our first collection, because he fits the profile that we look for in our customers and he is a guy with quite an appeal. Tito is friendly, with a nonconformist character and the personality to make important decisions, he’s dressed casually but always with taste and he is one of the most beloved Spanish riders for his modesty and grit. He goes for the top and is not afraid of challenges. We wish him best of luck in his first Moto2 season and we are convinced that our relationship will be very fruitful. We believe that he perfectly embodies the values we want for our brand.”

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