Alberto Moncayo & Miguel Oliveira & A handful of questions: Pressure does not exist here

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Team Machado, which this year will compete under the name of Andalucía Banca Cívica, ended the preseason in Jerez again with both riders in the Top 10 and aims to consolidate their presence in the world championship in the sophomore season after Alberto Moncayo claimed the title “Rookie of the Year” last season.

MotoCuatro published a quick interview with both of the young riders, conducted after the final preseason test in Jerez on Sunday.

Alberto Moncayo

How are your impressions and your overall evaluation of this preseason?
It has been a positive preseason, not how I would have liked, but considering the engine problems we had on several occasions I’m happy. We did a good job with the team, we are still learning to work with the new telemetry specialist, Mario Martini. I think in a 1 to 10 rating it would be a seven. We are eager to start the season and find our place.

It’s your second season after becoming “Rookie of Year”. What goals have you set now?
Well, we will try to be among the top five and if we can fight for a podium we will be there for it, that’s the idea.

Miguel Oliveira

What’s your analysis of your first preseason in the world championship?
We have evolved a lot in each test, in Estoril not so much because of the rain; but here we did a good job, especially on Sunday because on Saturday we were not comfortable with the development of the bike and we were a bit lost. Today we’ve worked differently, we’ve been looking for a base setup to work with from circuit to circuit and today I feel that we have finally found the base.

What are your expectations for 2011?
I want to continue to evolve as a rider, I hope to finish among the top ten of the championship and everything better than that will be a “bonus”, which improves the outcome of the work that we are doing throughout the season. I hope above all that I won’t crash, that I learn all the circuits and get as much experience as possible.

You’re the first Portuguese rider in the championship’s history do ride a full season. Is that for you extra pressure or responsibility?
There’s no pressure. Pressure is not having money and having to feed your child. If you’re here having fun and doing the job you love, nothing can bother you; pressure of that sort does not exist here.

Interview by José Manuel Glez. Tamajón for Motocuatro.

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