Aspar Team Presentation: Terol, Faubel & Martin praise team atmosphere

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The Aspar Team has officially presented their complete lineup for the 2011 season yesterday. In the cultural center La Casa Encendida in Madrid the assembled press and sponsors got to see the brandnew brown and lime green livery of the 125cc Bankia Aspar Team as well as the newly designed white and red Mapfre Aspar Ducati. Only the Mapfre Aspar Moto2 squad keeps their trademark red with which they’ve already competed last year.
Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’ assembled a strong lineup of riders for the new season, and an all-Spanish one at that with Nico Terol, Hector Faubel and Adrian Martin in 125cc, Julian Simon and Xavi Fores in Moto2 and Hector Barbera again steering the Aspar Ducati in the MotoGP class.

The presentation started at 8PM with well-known TV commentators Ainhoa Arbizu and Ernest Riveras guiding through the hour-long show. All riders were interviewed about their evaluation of the preseason and their goals for 2011. Also Jorge Martinez and Mapfre chairman Ignacio Baeza expressed their satisfaction with the strong team and their hopes for the 2011 season.

Nico Terol: “It was a fun and interesting event, I enjoyed seeing so many sponsors and people who support us. Actually, the two events of this kind I have attended with the Aspar Team have been spectacular. The bike looks wonderful and I also like the leathers. The fact that the presentation was in Madrid helps for more sponsors to join us if possible and the media coverage has been extensive.
At the moment I’m dying for the championship to start, we are ready and in a week we leave for Qatar. I approach this season with great strength and enthusiasm. I give my thanks to everyone who supports us and those who are working day and night in the team, because without all of them none of this would be impossible. “

Héctor Faubel: “Before coming to Madrid several of my acquaintances told me that La Casa Encendida has a very friendly atmosphere. I definitely think this was the case with the amazing presentation the team prepared today. I am very happy to be back and see familiar faces and friends from my previous time with team. It’s been three years since I’ve been here, but it seems as if nothing has changed, we have the same atmosphere as before. The design of the old 125cc bike was beautiful, but this one is even better. Both in the last test in Jerez and today we commented how beautiful it turned out. It’s interesting, because most people like it. This a great team, not just because of the six riders and the whole crew, but because of the history which precedes it. It’s like my family and I hope to give both the team, as well as Jorge, and all the sponsors a great year.”

Adrián Martín: “I am very grateful to Jorge for including me in his team. The team, sponsors, riders, everything is at the highest level. For me it is a big challenge and I’m learning, but having all the media here helps and motivates me a lot. I’m very eager to start the year, to tackle it with all my strength and skills. I know I can do well and I will not waste this chance. Joining two championship runner-ups is an unrivaled privilege and I’m sure I’ll learn every day. ”

Source: Bankia Aspar Team

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