Aspar Team Presentation: Barbera ready to race

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The Aspar Team has officially presented their complete lineup for the 2011 season yesterday. In the cultural center La Casa Encendida in Madrid the assembled press and sponsors got to see the brandnew brown and lime green livery of the 125cc Bankia Aspar Team as well as the newly designed white and red Mapfre Aspar Ducati. Only the Mapfre Aspar Moto2 squad keeps their trademark red with which they’ve already competed last year.
Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’ assembled a strong lineup of riders for the new season, and an all-Spanish one at that with Nico Terol, Hector Faubel and Adrian Martin in 125cc, Julian Simon and Xavi Fores in Moto2 and Hector Barbera again steering the Aspar Ducati in the MotoGP class.

The presentation started at 8PM with well-known TV commentators Ainhoa Arbizu and Ernest Riveras guiding through the hour-long show. All riders were interviewed about their evaluation of the preseason and their goals for 2011. Also Jorge Martinez and Mapfre chairman Ignacio Baeza expressed their satisfaction with the strong team and their hopes for the 2011 season.

Ignacio Baeza: “The sponsorship of the Mapfre Aspar Team is part of the sports sponsorship policy our group started a few seasons ago, and it is a firm commitment to the values of the sports and an ongoing support to Spanish sports and athletes, with a clear international influence. The Aspar Team is a Spanish team and a leader in the world of motorcycling which MAPFRE has been supporting for five years. The values that connect us with the Aspar Team and its “alma mater”, Jorge Martinez ‘Aspar’, as a person and as an entrepreneur, give us again confidence in this team; furthermore we’re also the first main sponsor to be in the MotoGP class as well as a co-sponsor in Moto2 and 125cc.

Jorge Martínez ‘Aspar’: “I am very proud to see that for the second consecutive year the Aspar Team will have a team in each of the three categories of the World Championship. It is an exceptional challenge with a team that does tremendous work. We are constantly working to make this project always move forward. And for this dream to continue it requires the support of the sponsors. Among them MAPFRE, the leading Spanish insurance company; Bankia, the first domestic bank in Spain; and Pull and Bear, reference in international fashion; apart from many others. I want to thank you for your invaluable help, and of course for your attendance at this presentation, which has overall been a success. I believe the team is doing things really well, and both in the 125cc class and in Moto2 we will again try to always be among the best, the goal clearly is to fight for the two titles. In MotoGP we already have one year of experience and I hope we finish always among the top ten and even among the top five in some races. This year we also have an all-Spanish team, practically Valencian, it is an honor for me to get together many Spanish riders with this enormous potential.”

Héctor Barberá: “Frankly, it is difficult to host an event of this nature and do it better. Last year I thoroughly enjoyed the gala for the 30th anniversary of Jorge and I thought nothing could surprise me, but I was wrong. Tonight we had a wonderful time with all the sponsors, I want to thank MAPFRE for their attendance and of course for their collaboration. Also Ainhoa and Ernest have been magnificent, you can see that they are almost as passionate about motorcycles as we are.
After seeing the final design of the bike I’ll ride this year, the only thing I think about now is going to Qatar and start racing. I still have two days of testing which I hope to make the most of, to be ready when the first race starts. The team is working around the clock to do that. At the moment things are going well for us.”

Source: Mapfre Aspar Team

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