Moncayo to start from 8th postion, Oliveira from fourth row after technical problems

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The qualifying session of the 125cc clas was held this afternoon and the riders of Team Andalucía Banca-Cívica continued to work to prepare for the race. This time the luck for the team’s riders has switched around. Yesterday it was Moncayo who encountered some problems, today it was Oliveira who didn’T find the right setting. At the end Alberto finished 8th-fastest, starting tomorrow’s race from the third row, while Miguel was 12th and will start from the fourth row.

During the free practice Alberto Moncayo found different setup problems that kept him from riding as good as he can. But the constant work in the box, both by the rider and the team has paid off in the qualifying. Alberto ha logrado hoy bajar casi un segundo sus mejores registros y se ha colocado en una excelente octava posición en un grupo de pilotos que han logrado tiempos rapidísimos. Alberto shaved off almost a second off his best laptime and placed himself in an excellent eighth position among a group of drivers who have achieved very fast laptimes.

On the other side of the garage bad luck struck as Miguel Oliviera, crashing yesterday in the final minutes of the third practice session, encountered some technical difficulties today which prevented him from running at the same pace as yesterday.

ALBERTO MONCAYO, 8º (2’08.683):
“We improved a lot in this session, we changed many things about the setup of the bike compared to what we were using yesterday and now we are on the right track. We have always been very close to the top five, but when I went for my fast lap I had a strange feeling with the tyre we put on and it didn’t give me much confidence. Still, I managed to clock my best time but it was not enough to hold the position.
I’m happy because the work we’re doing seems to be paying off and I feel much more comfortable on the bike than yesterday. We will continue working to improve for the race, but I think we are almost ready.”

MIGUEL OLIVEIRA, 12º (2’09.487)
“Today we made changes to the bike to fix a small technical problem we had yesterday, but this setting did not give me much confidence and we have been working on the bike to fix it. In the end I was able to do a more or less good laptime with which I qualified and I think it is a good result. I’ll start from the fourth row of the grid and try to get a good start.
En cualquier caso, aún tenemos el warm-up para seguir trabajando sobre la moto y tratar de conseguir recuperar los tiempos de ayer». In any case, we still have the warmup for further work on the bike and try to get back to the laptimes from yesterday.”

The WarmUp, a brief practice session, is usually done before the race, but has been scheduled for today after the qualifying sessions.
Both Miguel Oliveira and Alberto Moncayo have continued working on the setup and used this final session of 20 minutes searching for a good race pace. The work done by Moncayo has paid off and he managed to do his fastest laptimes. He finished the WarmUp in fourth place.

Source: Team Andalucía Banca-Cívica

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