Salom not quite satisfied with 8th in Qatar race

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The first race for the new Dutch team RW Racing GP at the Commercial Bank of Qatar Grand Prix has delivered an eighth place. Luis Salom fought for the sixth position but had to settle for eighth position.

The warm-up session was held on Saturday evening which is not common. Because the organization wants to start the MotoGP earlier today, the 125cc and Moto2 class were forced to ride the warm-up session on Saturday. In this session Luis Salom ran good laps and ended the session in eighth place.

The first race of the season was started at 19.00 hours local time. Salom knew right from the start to win the two positions and came in the third group that fought for the seventh position. Halfway through the race Hector Faubel had a technical problem and ended up in the group of Salom and messed up the pace of this group. The gape to the second group went bigger and Salom had to settle down to fight for the sixth position. In the last lap the Spaniard run a bit off the track and couldn’t fight anymore for the sixth position. Salom finished the race on a respectable eights position which is a good start of the season.

Luis Salom (8th): “For the race I was getting a little bit nervous. It’s always exciting to ride the first race of the season. An eighth place is not bad but I know that I could do better. My start was not bad but I missed the connection with the second group and was fighting with Zarco, Vinales and Moncayo voor P6. Our lap times were as fast as the second group that fought for the second position. At the time the group where I was fighting with closed the gap to the second group, Faubel got a problem and hold us up. Therefore the gap wnet bigger and the highest position possible was a sixth. I ended up eights because I made a small mistake in the last lap. I’m satisfied with this result but I know We can do better. For next race I have to improve my starting position and certainly and I can score a better result. The team worked hard this weekend and I want to thank them ! for there support!”

Source: RW Racing GP

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