Alvaro Bautista writes for “The nights are eternal in the hospital”

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Alvaro Bautista will be a columnist for the website of the Spanish newspaper AS this season and his first column went up on the day he’s expected to finally come back home after his heavy crash in Qatar last Friday. His plane will land in Madrid at 18.30 o’clock tonight and he’ll move directly to the San José hospital to get treated by Dr. Angel Villamor.
This is the complete translation of Alvaro’s first column for

Greetings from one of the beds in room 401 of Hamad General Hospital Doha where they brought me on Friday night after fracturing the femur in my left leg. The operation went well and, God willing, I will travel to Madrid today to put myself in the hands of Dr. Villamor. I hope that with him the recovery will go quicker …

Presentation. Hello everyone. First of all I would like to say that it is an honor for me to have this space in AS this year and I am very grateful. I will tell my stories after every Grand Prix weekend, preferably every Tuesday, unless it gets complicated with travel or rare occurrences like this time. It’s an opportunity to communicate to the fans my particular point of view and the one from Qatar, where I still am, starting out with a weekend that was not the best for me. Nevertheless, my debut as a columnist now gives me the opportunity to assure you that I will fight as I always have to be back on the track as soon as possible and to get back to enjoy riding the bike.

The crash. It is easy to explain the crash I suffered on Friday and which still has me confined to the hospital. It happened because I lost the rear tyre. I don’t know if it was too cold or what, but the fact is that I crashed and hit the ground hard, because the bike flung me very high in the air. The impact on the tarmac was heavy and in that moment I broke my left femur.

The races. I know the results from Sunday and I have to congratulate Nico Terol on his victory in the 125cc class. I couldn’t watch the races, because in the room where I am, which I share with three other patients, there is no television, but I was told that he mentioned me in his interview. A heartfelt Thankyou for this. I also know that Lorenzo and Pedrosa were on the podium in MotoGP, which also very good for them. I can’t say much more about the races, because I’m very focused on recovering and trying to get back on the bike as soon as possible.

The hospital. Life is boring in the hospital. The nights especially feel eternal. The hours never end. I’m bored out of my mind, because I have to spend all his time on my back, unable to move and it’s a bit troublesome. The operation went very well and I am quite recovered. God willing and everything going as it should I’ll be back in Madrid today. I will fly out in the morning with an ambulance plane which the Spanish Federation organized for me and the first thing I will do is to go and see my personal physician, Dr. Ángel Villamor, who has always treated me when things like this happened. Once in his hands I hope the recovery will go faster.

Thanks. I have to thank many people who have been thinking of me these days and it would be impossible to mention them all. I would need a whole newspaper… I have received many messages of encouragement via Twitter and I’m proud to see how many people are thinking of me. I like to give all my Twitter followers as much information as I can and if anyone who reads these lines is not a follower yet, you know what you should do. I’d love you to become one of my followrs, so that every time we’ll be more. Thanks a million.


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