Bautista back in Spain and starting physiotherapy after successful surgery to close wound

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After finally coming back home last night, Álvaro Bautista has been immediately moved to the USP San José hospital in Madrid to put himself in the hands of renowned surgeon Dr. Ángel Villamor.

Álvaro underwent further checks at the clinic including an MRI scan which didn’t find anything unusual with the leg. However, Álvaro was back in surgery last night for another time to close up the wound from the initial operation in Doha.

Today Dr. Villamor held a press conference about Álvaro’s condition. According to the medical report Bati suffered a “displaced transverse fracture of the proximal third of his left femur” which the doctors of the Hamad Medical Corporation fixed in an emergency surgery in Doha, in coordination with Dr. Ángel Villamor, since an immediate transport back to Spain with a medical plane was not possible. Villamor explained the surgery fixed the femur fracture “using an intramedullary nail with proximal and distal interlocking screws”.

“In new scans we did now, we saw the femur fracture being fixed correctly”, added Villamor. “With the patient now being hemodynamically stable we did another surgery to proceed to reduce the quadriceps muscle which was herniated through the open incision (6 x 30 cm on the outer thigh) and for this we used a surgical mesh sutured to the muscles around and proceeded to close and suture the skin of the thigh. ”

“In the first surgical intervention they were suspecting that he was developing a compartment syndrome because of copious bleeding in the thigh, so the doctors decided to perform a longitudinal incision from hip to knee to relieve the inflamed muscles and this incision was opened. They wanted to close it in a new surgery 48 hours later, without success.”

Before his arrival in Madrid Alvaro had a blood transfusion because his hemoglobin level was at seven, while the normal level is 14 and at about nine during these type of necessary interventions.
“Álvaro was in good condition, but in pain, tired and a bit stressed after what he’s been through, but we immediately made an emergency blood test, which showed that his hemoglobin levels had increased.”

“We also did an MRI and ultrasound to confirm and localize the internal bleeding in the thigh, so he was given an intravenous high-dose anti-inflammatory medication and preventive antibiotics which has helped the rider to have a good night. In 5 or 7 days we will know if there has grown any kind of bacteria.”

“After spending a good night, in which if there had been any complications we would have had to do a second surgery which was not necessary, and after closing the wound Alvaro has already had his first physiotherapy session and we believe that in two or three days, with intensive medication and physical therapy to prevent complications and speed up his recovery, he can go home”

Álvaro certainly won’t be fit for the next Grand Prix in Jerez, but “it wouldn’t surprise me the least bit if he was able to participate in the Portuguese Grand Prix”, added Villamor.

Considering everything that happened and after the problems last year for Fonsi Nieto, Angel Villamor said that it would be appropriate “to consider a medical plane for any rider who might find himself in this situation, because I have the feeling that after this kind of misfortune riders are somewhat unprotected.”

“There should be a greater commitment in the professional sport and I think they should demand that the organization becomes more involved for the crash victims”, closed Villamor.

Source: EFE

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