Bautista finally out of hospital and back home in Talavera

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After a long and stressful journey, Álvaro Bautista has finally made it back home, more than a week after he broke his femur in a high-speed crash at the Losail circuit.

Now he’s back with his family and friends, arriving in his home town Talavera de la Reina today with his close family and his manager Armando Guerrero, who had been by his side the entire time since the crash.
In front of his home he was greeted by the rest of his family and members of his fanclub who gave him standing ovations upon arrival and had prepared a huge banner which read: “Always keep the spirit high, we know that you are strong and this is just another test that you will soon pass. We watch when you practice, we cheer you on when you race and when you crash we help you back up.”

Bautista thanked everyone for the great reception and on crutches he got out of the family car and walked around to greet those present. He also talked about his journey in the past days: “These past few days have been difficult. But I’m home now with my people and I think about recovering quickly and getting back on the bike.”
“From the day when I had the crash I had in mind that I wanted to come to Spain, so that I can be operated by my regular doctor, Angel Villamor, but it was a complicated situation and the doctors there advised me against traveling with my broken leg. We thought it was an easy operation and it actually was and went very well, but what happend was that there were complications when I had an incision of 30 cm to let out the blood. The essential thing was to return to Spain and it was hard. They were difficult times and I thank those who made it possible to bring a medical plane, because without it I didn’t see an end to it”, he added.

Regarding his possible return to racing, Alvaro set his sight on the Portuguese Grand Prix: “My goal is to be in Estoril. It is a month of recovery and when I now put weight on the foot it is difficult. I know I have to work hard, it is my goal and I know I can reach it.”

But he is very aware of his limitations: “I lack mobility in the knee and it will be difficult. The level of strength is not that urgent to recover, because I have not lost much, but the mobility to get on the bike and in left-hand corners. There I need to have good flexibility. That’s the hardest and this will be our aim.”

After these hard times Alvaro Bautista prefers to move on and forget the Qatar GP: “The shock of the crash is over. For better or for worse, crashes happen and injuries too. The worst was the time I spent in the hospital where I was bleeding and everything because of that crash. It was a difficult time, but we must move on. I’ll recover and get back on the bike.”

All the very best wishes from everyone at Vroom Media for a quick and full recovery!


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