Marquez finishes first day fourth-fastest despite technical problems

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The World Championship has landed in Europe with the Repsol riders as the main stars in their categories. In Moto2, Marc Márquez completed an intense day at the Jerez circuit in which technical issues had him in a delayed place in the first session and forced him to lose nearly half an hour of track time in the second.

Used to perform at the highest level, Márquez was able to make the most of the few minutes he had on track and set a time of 1 minute, 44 seconds and 139 thousandths. With this result, the Repsol rider improved several positions in the second session, up to the second place of the table, fourth in the combined practice times.

After the good performance he had in the preseason in this circuit, Marc Márquez was surprised by unexpected trouble with the rear brake pump of his bike. Without time to find a solution, the Repsol rider set a 1 minute, 44 seconds and 828 thousandths, that left him in fifteenth position. The problem repeated itself during the second session, so his technical team decided to change the whole rear brake system.

With his entire team devoted to repairing his bike, Márquez had to wait in the garage until just 15 minutes before the end of the session, a time in which he did 12 laps and improved his time of the first session by almost seven tenths. Despite the heat and the high wind, the Repsol rider took a great step ahead and showed again that he is one of the fastest of the class.

Marc Márquez 1’44.139 sec, 30 laps, 133 km.
“I am very satisfied. At the end of the day the most important thing is that we were able to solve the problem we had with the rear brake pump, as it did not work too well and the bike was braking a lot. That prevented us to do many laps, because it happened in the first session and in the second, when we thought it was solved, it happened again. We changed the whole braking system and we lost some time on track, but I prefer to think about my last run, when everything was solved, because I was able to ride as I should.
I want to thank all the team, because there was a moment that they were all working on the bike, including the Brembo and Suter technicians. The most important thing is that everything is solved and everything works well for tomorrow”.

Source: Repsol Media

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