Salom delighted to start from second row at home race

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In the qualifying session for the Gran Premio BWIN De España the RW Racing GP rider Luis Salom achieved a respectable sixth place. The Spaniard start Sunday his home Grand Prix from the decond row.

The strong wind of Friday was still present on Saturday morning. At the moment the riders got on track, the wind dropped and the laptimes were faster than the Friday sessions. Luis Salom had troubles to set-up his bike for these weathercircumstances without the strong wind. During this third practice session, the Spaniard came into the box several times to adjust the set-up of his Aprilia. Like the Friday morning session Salom finish the session on a fourteenth position.

How different it was during the qualification session on Saturday afternoon! In the first half of the session the Spaniard remained reasonably in the top 10. But in the last 15 minutes, Salom fell back to a fifteenth place. With less than ten minutes on the clock came in to change his rear tire for a new one and within two laps, The Spaniard was back in the top 10 results. In the last two minutes of the session Salom came up in the slipstream of compatriot Hector Faubel and the RW Racing GP rider rode his Apreillia to an excellent sixth position.

Luis Salom (6TH, 1:48 .791): “I’m very happy with this sixth place! Within the new RULES, jou have to start with only 3 per starting row.I just picked the last spot on the second row and I’m quite happy with it! With the set-up of the suspension in the morning session, I couldn’t ride fast lap times. The wind suddenly fell away when the session began and the setting was just based on the wind. After the morning session, we reversed the set-up to the setting of the test and I needed to ride fast lap times! In qualifying it was really hard to ride lap times in the 48’s. I was able to ride 49’s lap times on my own but I needed a lap time in the 48 to get a good spot on the startting grid for tomorrow’s race. In the final minutes of the session I came into the slipstream of Faubel and I was almost a second faster which gave me the 6th spot on the ! grid. The start tomorrow will be important and although I got a good position on the grid, it will be hard to finish nto the top 6. I will give everything tomorrow for the team and my home crowd and get a good result!”

Source: RW Racing GP

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