Espargaro getting closer to the points in weather-affected home race

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Pol Espargaro finished the Grand Prix of Spain in the Top 20 and has gone a step further in adapting to Moto2 in a chaotic race marked by the rain. The HP Tuenti rider who started from the ninth row of the grid has moved up seven positions and his progression in terms of laptime has been constant in every lap, allowing him for the first time to come near a points finish. Polyccio, with little experience in wet conditions on the Moto2 FTR, understood the race situation well, where what mattered was to make no mistakes, pick up the pace gradually and gain positions with overtakings and mistakes of rivals. At the end a 20th place, two places better than at the debut in Qatar, and a good feeling that’s improving every day. Tomorrow the HP Tuenti team has scheduled a private test on the same track in Jerez to work calmly on the progression of Pol Espargaro and his difficulties with a four-stroke motorcycle.

20. Pol Espargaro: “I have to be happy with the progression of the laptimes, having moved up seven positions and finishing the race without making any serious mistakes despite the adverse conditions. This is not what I’ve been used to so far, but I took another stage in my adaption to Moto2 and my performance was better. The start was not so good, but I didn’t lose too many positions. From that moment on I’ve increased the pace and learned from the lines of the other riders to get better. I have problems in the slow corners and it’s difficult to improve that.

Source: HP Tuenti

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