“Goal achieved” for wildcard rider Dani Ruiz

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Dani Ruiz has finished his first ever Grand Prix today, and not just any GP, but the Grand Prix of Spain, his home race, under the watchful eyes of 124,000 spectators and His Majesty the King Juan Carlos, who also came to Jerez to be part of the great festival of Spanish motorcycling. A party that unfortunately has been marred by the unpleasant weather with all categories starting their races in the rain.

Faced with this adverse situation the goal for Dani Ruiz was clear, taking no unnecessary risks to avoid a crash or putting his health in peril as in less than two weeks he will begin to compete in the championship he has really focused his hopes on, the Spanish Championship, with the first race being held at the same track, in Jerez, on the 17th of this month.

Dani started from 31st position on the grid and after passing several riders ahead of him and profitting from other riders crashing out, even those with much more experience than him who couldn’t adapt to the poor track conditions, he finished in a respectable 21st position.

On 15th of April he will begin racing in the Spanish Championship and fighting for good positions.

Dani Ruiz: “I’m happy in general, I have not crashed and that’s important because the conditions were very bad and sometimes it was hard to stay on track, I have seen many crashes in front of me. Also I’ve gone quicker than ever in wet conditions on this circuit and this motivates me.
I’ve finally been able to compete in a Grand Prix and I’ve been ahead of some riders who are permanent entries for the championship. I want to thank all the team who has worked hard all weekend and my sponsors for giving me the chance to be here.”

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