Alvaro Bautista column, Jerez: “I couldn’t help but get on the bike”

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After supporting his team and replacement rider John Hopkins at the Spanish Grand Prix in Jerez, Alvaro wrote his second column for the newspaper AS, published on Tuesday. This is the complete translation.

I was in Jerez, even though I could not ride because I’m still recovering from the femur fracture I suffered in Qatar. In 125cc we saw Nico [Terol] racing perfectly and very smart. In Moto2 we’d like to see Julito [Simon] with more confidence and [Marc] Márquez a bit calmer. And the MotoGP race was chaos. I will continue the recovery to see if I can be in Estoril.

I was there. Hello friends. I am here again to tell you about my view from the Grand Prix of Spain in which, as you know, I could not race because I’m still recovering from the femure fracture I suffered in Qatar. But before getting into the topic, I would like to thank the fans for all the support and affection they have shown me this weekend. The reason why I went to Jerez, to see the fights from behind the fence, is because many of you were saying you’d really like to see me there, even though I can’t be on the bike. So I made an effort to be in the paddock and don’t regret it.

Good organization. The Spanish fans never cease to amaze me. The amount of people who went to see us in Jerez throughout all the weekend is incredible and especially the ones on Sunday, because despite the weather it was packed.
I have to say how well they have changed the organization to access the circuit. Me, when I race, I usually arrive very early and there is little traffic, but this time I could see how it is when going there at the same time as a regular spectator. The entrance to the circuit has been easy and smooth, unlike some years ago. Well done to the organization.

Envy. How jealous was I on Saturday when I saw the laptimes of my fellow competitors. The laptimes were fast, so the track seemed to be really good and I had an immense desire to get back on the bike. I had to abstain. In fact, and this is a secret, when they finished the practice I could not leave the garage without first getting on the bike. It was difficult, but once I did it it was like the first time I’ve been on it, with the same enthusiasm! Of course it was a little painful in the position, but it’s good for me to be prepared for next time, when it will be for real.

The races. In the wet it’s always a lottery and, above all, very long. Everything can happen. In 125cc a perfect and very intelligent Nico with very bad luck for Faubel at the beginning of the season, but he did well. In Moto2 I think we all want to see Julio with more confidence and Marquez continuing the way he already knows, but calmer. He doesn’t have to prove anything.

Chaos. MotoGP was a chaotic race, even though surely for you it was fun, and not the typical race where positions don’t change. The challenge was to stay on. When you take a risk in the wet you might end up paying for it. This happened to many riders and I guess it would have been a good opportunity to get a good result, but I don’t want to think about that…

Getting better. I’m getting a bit better all the time, I keep working hard; in fact my physiotherapist was in Jerez and I did a double shift with him. I also travel daily to Madrid from Talavera, either to be an hour in the hyperbaric chamber or combining that with physiotherapy. My idea is to try to return for the next World Championship race at Estoril, May 1st, but it’s not sure yet. Hopefully on Tuesday after Portugal I can tell you about how I’ve been on the bike, improving from the first to the last session.

‘Tweeting’. Just reminding you that I try to keep you informed at all times about everything related to me through my ‘Twitter’ (@19Bautista). A big greeting to everyone and see you again in just a few weeks.


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