Alberto Moncayo launches personal iPhone app

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Alberto Moncayo now has his own iPhone application. According to the team he is the first rider of the MotoGP World Championship who has his own app and now all his fans can easily follow his personal information with new posts on Facebook, the latest pictures and follow his tweets, not missing anything the rider from Cadiz publishes.

iPhone applications are now the standard in digital technology to allow users gaining a lot of information with a small device and use it daily. Alberto Moncayo did not want to miss the opportunity provided by this technology and has not hesitated to jump in to become the first rider of the MotoGP championship to have his own app.

Alberto Moncayo: “We’re doing a great job with this and the fact that I’m the first rider in the world championship who has his own application is a good example. It is a privilege to be on this platform, every day people are becoming more aware of the possibilities of the apps and the most powerful companies are supporting this technology a lot. I want to thank the team that developed the application for their efforts, because without them this would not have been possible, and I encourage everyone to download my app, which is free and we will improve and update it daily. I hope you like it!”

Alberto Moncayo’s app is free and you can find a lot of information about the rider. You will have a direct connection with the official outlet that Alberto communicates through:

* Personal profile and records of the rider
* Official Alberto Moncayo Facebook page with the latest news
* Alberto Moncayo personal Twitter
* Photo Gallery for use as wallpaper on your iPhone or send via e-mail.
* Information on the team, sponsors and developers of the app.

You can find the application by looking for the rider’s name in the iTunes Store or by using this link.

Source: Team Machado

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