Cardus struggling to find rhythm again

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QMMF Racing Team riders Ricky Cardús, Mashel Al-Naimi and Wild Card entry Alexander Cudlin tried hard to come to grips with the Le Mans circuit and its unique stop-and-go characteristics, but ended the qualifying for the French Grand Prix in lower positions than they all had hoped for. Cardús, who suffered a crash on day one, struggled to find back to his usual fast rhythm and had to settle for 29th position on the starting grid.

Ricky Cardús (29º 1.39,916)
“We are further behind than at other circuits. I’ve never ridden at Le Mans before, but that is no excuse. After crashing yesterday it was hard to get the feeling back again. I’m not comfortable on the bike and I’m not even sure if the changes we did are good or not. But that is what we have and need to get the best out of it, finish the race and get as much information as possible. Of course I will do my best to finish well, but it is clear that I’m still missing a lot on this track, I must grit my teeth.”

Source: QMMF Racing

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