Terol and Barbera become ambassadors for children’s charity Plan

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Nico Terol and Hector Barbera have become ambassadors for the children’s charity Plan.

The Regional Minister for Culture and Sport, Trini Miró, said that the Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo “instilled in Nico Terol and Hector Barbera the human and sport values they represent as athletes.”

Miró said this during the presentation of the two Valencian riders as ambassadors for the NGO Plan, an institution with 75 years of history and established in 68 countries, which develops campaigns for the rights of children such as “Learning without fear”.

“The connection between motorcycle racing and children is undeniable”, affirmed the minister for whom the Cuna de Campeones Bankia, which takes place at the Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo since 1998, “is an example for an educational project that provides children with the opportunity to learn without discrimination.”

The Regional Minister for Culture and Sport pointed out that Barbera and Terol “are two international benchmarks for their behavior on and off the track. They have become icons of values, attitude and commitment.”

The charity Plan was founded 75 years ago and has since developed 7.400 projects that have benefited 63 million people in 68 countries, always with the development for children as its main objective through actions focused on education, housing, health, economic safety, relationship building, child participation or emergency and reconstruction.

The campaign “Learn Without Fear” aims to end violence in the classroom, which is manifested primarily through sexual violence, bullying and corporal punishment.

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