Double motivation for Gadea and Viñales as Paris Hilton attends their home race

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This weekend will be very special for the Blusens by Paris Hilton Racing Team as next round of the world championship will be GP of Catalunya –home to the Cardedeu squad– and it is no coincidence their operating and training centre is located only a mere fifteen minutes from the circuit of Catalunya and as Paris Hilton will attend a GP for the first time so far this season –an event which is expected by everybody. Paris Hilton will arrive at Montmeló on Sunday at 10 am by helicopter to hold a photo session in a photo call built in the team’s hospitality for the occasion and then will accompany Sergio Gadea and Maverick Viñales to the starting grid and will eventually enjoy the show from the box.
On the sport front, Sergio Gadea and Maverick Viñales trained last week in MotorLand and got very good sensations and both are really motivated to carry on working hard to achieve as good a result as possible at this fifth round of the world championship. Puçol-born rider is confident that this race will be the turning point in his so far erratic career this season and that he will have the opportunity to get back into the battle for the victory or at least the podium. Mack –who has just won his first GP in France three weeks ago after only competing four times at the world championship which had a resounding echo in the specialized press and got the young Roses-born rider showered with praise– has been able to stand aside from this hype and is very calm in the run-up to this GP and willing to carry on working the same way as he has so far as it has been working fine for him.
According to the weather forecasts it should be raining on Sunday but only time will tell and it would not be the first time the weather forecasts are wrong.

33 SERGIO GADEA: “I really like Montmeló track and I have always been successful there but it does not prove anything. We will have to work very hard and well as we have done for any race if we want to get the opportunity to achieve our goal. I am very motivated and in very high spirits because things worked fine and we did a very effective job in Aragón where we trained last week and we are coming to this GP with a very good setting-up. GP of Catalunya is our home race –for the team and myself and we want to do very well. I hope it will be a turning point of the season as tests and races have not really been working the way we wanted to so far. Actually we might be a bit self-demanding as I only ride to win and when I come to a track the only thing that crosses my mind is to win and not only to be as much ahead as possible. It goes without saying that if we want to have an option to win here we will have to improve on Friday and Saturday and qualify way better than at the other GPs as starting from behind makes things complicated. We will do our best to sort out all the issues. I think we really deserve to be successful at once as we –the team and I– have been working very hard. Apart from the MotorLand test I have been sticking to my physical and psychological preparation plan because I think it suits me. The fact that Paris Hilton will be around on Sunday is even more motivating but I think it should not alter our concentration and our working routine.”

25 MAVERICK VIÑALES: “The GP of Catalunya will sure enough be special as this is our home race and my fan club my family and friends will come to support me and this is an extra motivation. This will be the first time I will have attended it and I’d really like to do well. I think we are coming in top conditions as we trained in MotorLand last week and things went fine. We tried various changes on the bike and they worked amazingly fine – especially the chassis and the engine. It puts me in even higher spirits and it is clear to us we should carry on working the same way as we have so far because things have been working fine so far thanks to the job the whole team have been doing. Like at the previous GPs our objective is to focus on our work and battle against ourselves to get as good a result as possible and the key will be to do good tests and qualify in good positions as we did at Le Mans. The fact we won this race is not putting any pressure on me and all this hype around the victory is not affecting me and I am just trying to stand aside and focus on what we have to do which is –once again– to do our job the best we can and try to cross the finishing line in the best position possible. Obviously I appreciate all the praises but I have to do what I have to do and not get distracted. Montmeló is not really suitable for my riding style but this is the one I know best and I am sure we will do a great race. Apart from MotorLand I have been training as usual over the last few days and I have started to study to get good marks and pass the fourth grade of the Compulsory Secondary Education. The fact Paris Hilton will be here on Sunday should not get us distracted but it will clearly be an extra motivation even if I think what is truly important is to keep focused on what we have to do and disregard what is going on outside the track.”

Source: Blusens by Paris Hilton Racing Team

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