Alvaro Bautista Interview: “Crashes that don’t kill you always make you stronger”

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20 minutos has published a short interview with Alvaro ahead of the Catalunya Grand Prix in which he talks about his injury, recovery and his goals for the rest of the season.

He broke his femur just before starting the world championship, but in only 42 days he was back on the bike, competing in a race. Alvaro Bautista explains to 20 minutes how he experienced his serious injury.

Do you have rubber bones to recover so quickly?
It is commonly said about bikers and maybe it is true, but I have been working tirelessly every day to recover quickly.

What was part of the recovery?
Gym, massage with the physiotherapist, ice baths… the important thing was to gain mobility in the knee. The 30 cm long cut on the thigh was a problem and we used oxygen treatment in a hyperbaric chamber to speed up the healing.

Are you already healed completely?
Not yet, but I have a nail from one end of the femur to the other which holds it together well. I have almost no pain, only on a few days when the weather changes, like a grandpa [laughs].

How have you killed the time while being sidelined?
Luckily many friends came to see me at home and we played with the games console. I’ve also seen a lot of movies and I got involved on Twitter to chat with fans (@19Bautista).

What do you take from this injury?
I am one of those who think that if the crashes do not kill you, they always make you stronger. They help you realize that the human body’s limits are far away.

How do you approach the Montmelo race this weekend?
With a lot of motivation, because it’s the first time I will be able to find the limits without fear of crashing. In Portugal and Le Mans I knew that a crash was very dangerous for my injury and I rode a little restricted.

What target have you set for this year?
Before the injury I wanted to get on the podium and I still do. We need a bit of traction to take maximum advantage of the Suzuki and compete with the Hondas.

Is Simoncelli a “dirty rider”?
He is not a “noble” rider because he always looks for contact. I’ve also had some run-ins with him and I think if he had done things clear from the start, now he would not do what he does.

Source: 20 minutos
Photo courtesy of Rizla Suzuki MotoGP

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