Salom: “Today feels like a wasted day”

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The weekend of the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya had a difficult start for the RW GP Racing Team. Luis Salom was in the combined results sheet on a thirteen position and wasn’t happy at all.

In the first free practice session at Friday morning wasn’t the result the rider and team were hoping for. Salom had difficulties to find his rhythm. Throughout the session, the Spaniard struggled to ride fast lap times. In this dry session Salom rode to a thirteenth position and wasn’t satisfied with this position.

The second practice session in the afternoon started under Salom had the 22nd time. Just before the rain came down, the Spaniard wanted to go out but it wasn’t possible due the rain. In the last ten minutes the team and Salom decided to go out and make some laps on the rain tires because there will be a big change that the rain will come on the Saturday and Sunday. Salom wasn’t able to improve his time due the weather circumstances.

Luis Salom (13th, 1:55.244): “Today feels like a wasted day. In the morning we were already not satisfied with the results and in the afternoon it was quite dramatic! I don’t have a good feeling at this moment and at the moment it’s really hard for me to ride competitive lap times. I make too many mistakes and lost my rhythm. In the afternoon when the rain was coming down, it didn’t really help me! The bike is fast enough and the setup is not too bad. I think I push too much and put too much pressure on myself. Especially since it’s my second home Grand Prix this weekend. Tonight I’ll have some rest and trying to reset my mind for tomorrow so I can run fast times again. ”

Source: RW Racing GP

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