Moncayo and Oliveira again plagued by technical problems

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The fifth round of the MotoGP World Championship proves to be a hard task for the Team Andalucía –Banca Cívica – Diputación de Cádiz, which is again suffering from technical complications that are preventing their riders from fighting for the positions they deserve. Both Alberto Moncayo and Miguel Oliveira were giving their best to overcome the situation and start the race in a position to get a good result.

After the first day of free practice Moncayo and Oliveira were prepared today to make the progress needed to show a great performance in the qualifying session and achieve a good position on the grid. But it’s not gone as planned and neither of the Andalusian team riders has been going well in the qualifying session. Once again, bad luck was present in the garage of the team in the form of technical problems and the efforts of the riders didn’t give them the expected results.

Miguel Oliveira has not escaped the technical problems that plague the team. He fought to get a great position but despite being a rookie is not at all satisfied with the 16th position from which he will start tomorrow.

Alberto Moncayo, 12 ° (1’53 .224): “Today we tried several tyres, but it did not give us very good results. In the qualifying we moved up to fifth position, but when we stopped to change tyres and try to improve the time, the rubber that we put on seems to have been defective, because with the same compound there was a very strong rebound which didn’t allow me to ride at the same pace. The bad thing is that I was convinced I could have gone quicker.
Tomorrow we have to keep working on the setting of the bike and for the race try to get a good start, take advantage of the long straight of the circuit and fight to get the highest possible position in the race.”

MIGUEL OLIVEIRA, 16 ° (1’53 .801): “Today things have not gone as well as other days. We had an engine failure, we are not having good luck and it’s still very difficult for us to find a good line of work. Tomorrow, although this is a circuit I know well, I’ll start from the worst position so far this season and this forces us to make a good start to latch on to the second group and I could fight with them. Regarding the setup we’re a bit far from the times we should be doing and in the race I should be closer to fight for them, but this can cost us like Le Mans where, when going quicker laptimes, the setting of the bike was not good enough to keep the pace.
Tomorrow we will take advantage of the warmup to the maximum and decide what to do. Starting the race with a situation like we have now is very difficult, so we must continue working to improve and have things clear.”

Source: Team Machado

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