Rumour Spread: Pedrosa’s collarbone worse than thought, Aoyama as replacement?

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The latest rumours in Spanish media suggests that Dani Pedrosa won’t race at Silverstone in a week’s time either (something already suggested by several journalists and insiders when it emerged that he won’t be fit for Catalunya) and that Hiroshi Aoyama might replace him for the time being.
Beyond that however, there’s apparently some talk starting now that there might in fact something else be wrong with Pedrosa’s collarbone aside from “only” the break he suffered in the crash with Simoncelli last time out in Le Mans.

Pedrosa was just recovering from late effects of his last collarbone injury he suffered in Japan 2010 when the throttle stuck open due to a mechanical error. His problems at the beginning of this season were apparently due to the plate pinching the blood flow in his arm at certain angles plus possibly the nerves around the area being affected by it.
The rumours would suggest that maybe something similar is happening again with his other collarbone now.

We at Vroom Magazine certainly hope these rumours are not true and we’ll see Dani back on track very quickly and in good health. Get better soon, Dani.

UPDATE: Apparently Repsol has already confirmed that Aoyama will indeed replace Pedrosa at Silverstone, should he not be fit in time.

Source: Twitter Motociclismo, Twitter Matthew Birt

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