Gadea and Viñales ready to battle for the podium at Silverstone

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Maverick Viñales is making headlines news again after his historical victory at GP of Le Mans as he achieved a spectacular second place at GP of Catalunya –with media circus included thanks to the presence of his team’s godmother ultra famous Paris Hilton who caused sensation in Montmeló and boast his two riders. In spite of this hype young Mack is definitely ready for the sixth round of the MotoGP world championship held this weekend at Silverstone and will aim at working on and improving so he can possibly repeat the results he achieved at the previous GPs. His team-mate Sergio Gadea is very optimistic in the run-up to the GP of England as his bike proved to measure up to that of his rivals in the previous race hence showing the job he and the technical team have been doing so far is starting to be fruitful– even though things have not been going as fast as he has expected so far. His objective is to reach the podium again after spending three races lagging behind.

25 MAVERICK VIÑALES: “We are coming to Silverstone after achieving a couple of good results but this should not distract us from our true goal which is to maintain the same work pace and attempt to make the best out of every opportunity. This is yet another track I am not familar with at all but the technicians are and this will be a great help to get ahead throughout the weekend. We will have to spend the free sessions dicovering the track’s secrets and finding out its keys so we can qualify well on Saturday which has proved to be fundamental in order to get the opportunity to achieve a good result especially if we are able to follow Nico’s heels. I think this track has sudden brakings and fast bends which best suits my riding style. Reaching the podium twice at Montmeló and Le Mans should be stimulating for us and give us the proof we are on the right track and the second podium shows the first one was no coincidence but rather that we have the potential to get ahead if we maintain the seriousness and rigor we have had so far in our work. I spent the very few days of break between the two GPs studying as I am on the verge of completing the fourth grade of Compulsory Secondary Education and I would like to pass it with as good marks as possible. Combining the twoo tasks is a bit stressful but that is all right.”

33 SERGIO GADEA: “I have only come here for Moto2 so I have no reference but I think it is fine like that –even if it will be difficult in the beginning. We took a step ahead in Montmeló and the bike is really getting all right now –I think we have managed to solve some of the issues we have come across and that is why I am feeling so optimistic about Siverstone. I hope I will able to take advantage of my experience to get a proper feel of the track layout so I can start focusing on the very specific task of finding out as good a setting-up as possible during the free practice –and once again I think my bike can now measure up to that of the best riders when it comes to ride fast. The team is working hard on the engine but I think its full potential is not exploited yet. I think the previous race was nearly an ace even if I did not make a good start and perhaps did not choose the most appropriate setting-up. In spite of it I did the fast lap several times and I think I could have eventually managed to catch up on the riders who were battling for the podium –and actually I managed to score nearly the same times as Mack but I started so far behind that I rode too fast in the beginning and wore the tyre out.”

Source: Team BQR

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