Jordi Torres Interview: “This is an important race for me”

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As Julian Simon is sadly sidelined this weekend with a nasty leg fracture and already working hard on his recovery, his temporary replacement in the Aspar Moto2 Team is Jordi Torres, current leader in the Spanish Moto2 Championship (together with his teammate Carmelo Morales), who’s only had one appearance in the world championship before, as a wildcard in the Catalunya Grand Prix last year. This now is his chance to measure himself against the world championship riders again and he’s determined to use it well.

We had a chance to chat to Jordi for a bit before he first got out on track this morning.

As bad as the injury is for Julian Simon, it’s a good chance for you now, your second time in the world championship.
Yes, sadly I have to replace Julito, but it’s also an important race for me to do my best. It’s really a bit of pressure on me now, because it’s a new track and the bike is different to what I’m used to, but I’m really thankful for this opportunity.

Have you set any goals for yourself this weekend?
Firstly, today I have to learn the track and see how the rest of the guys are and follow them. But at the moment, the goal for this weekend would be to maybe get into the Top 20, more or less.

And not only the track, also the bike is new to you.
Yes. In the Spanish Championship I also ride a Suter, but with Michelin tyres and the engine is less powerful. I have to get used to the brakes, the engine and the tyres.

What is the bigger task for you at the beginning, the circuit or the bike?
At the moment the circuit, then we’ll see. First I need to find the references for the curves and the straights.

Could we be seeing you with the Aspar Team again this year?
For now it’ll only be this race. I also still ride in the Spanish Championship and fight for the title there. So for now it’s only this race and to see how I can do here. But for me it’s great, because the people can see me and so it might also be good for next year.

Your teammate in the Spanish Championship Carmelo Morales is also racing here this weekend [with the G22 team]. In the CEV you’re both on top of the standings, is that difficult for you?
In the Spanish Championship it’s difficult, because Carmelo and me are joint leaders. But here it is worse for Carmelo, because he rides a Moriwaki while in the CEV it’s a Suter. And I have a Suter here, so it’s a bit of an advantage compared to him, because it’s more or less the same. But the main thing here is to gain experience and the level of the world championship is very high. And when you can ride here a few races and take in the practice session, you improve your level.

And in the Spanish Championship, will you be in for the title this year?
[laughs] Well, I’ll fight for it! But we’ll see, the level in the CEV is also very high.

Thanks to Jordi for taking the time to talk to us.

Photo Copyright: Vroom Media

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