Rookie Viñales continues to impress and takes his first pole position

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Maverick Viñales’s progression does not seem to have limits. The 16 year-old rider born in roses (Gerona) reached the pole position today in the 125 class after an intense session. Viñales becomes the third youngest rider in history to reach such a position and the second youngest Spaniard after Marc Marquez. The weather forecasts for tomorrow makes the unfolding of the race uncertain but Maverick will start from the best spot. Sergio Gadea had to put up with the tenth position as he was penalized by some technical issues which forced him to change the engine during the qualifying practice without equalling yesterday’s effectiveness.

25 MAVERICK VIÑALES (Pole position, 2’14.684): “I am truly glad I got myself the pole, my first time this season. Today’s result has been possible thanks to the job we have been doing. We have been working a lot at this track – much more than at the others– and we are very motivated and giving 100%. The problem is if it is raining tomorrow we will be forced to ride at our pace. If it is not perhaps we will ride as hard and fast as we can. It is difficult to keep my feet on the ground when I see what is going on around me –winning at Le Mans and regularly finishing among the best but I owe this to my manager Ricard who has been helping me a lot.”

33 SERGIO GADEA (10th, 2’16.274): “Things went well yesterday and the engine worked as fine as during the race in Barcelona but we experienced some problems this morning and we had to set up a new engine during the qualifying practice. It still has some issues and I am still not feeling fine with this engine. I don’t know what to say about tomorrow we’ll see how we feel but we’ll give 100% as usual. I don’t now what is going to happen if it’s raining –yesterday everything went well in dry or wet conditions. But if it’s raining as expected perhaps the race will not take place because yesterday everything got flooded and it was only raining a little. So if we trust the weathere forecasts we’ll see what happens.”

Source: Team BQR

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