Aspar Squad Sends “Missing You” Message To Julian Simon

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The Aspar Squad have put out a touching message for Julian Simon this British GP weekend, saying how much they miss having him around and wishing him a speedy recovery and giving him best wishes and encouragement until he returns to the squad following his injuries from Catalunya.

Here’s the message in full…

Wednesday, 9am, I leave my house for Manises Airport. I know: We don’t normally travel together, because you fly out from Madrid. The journey drags on for me -perhaps a prelude to what is to come. My mind is buzzing as I pass the motorway signs at 110km/h, heading for a flight that will only intensify the whir. Valencia-Stansted, a quick bite of the customary junk food in arrivals and then off to Silverstone, where there is much work to be done.

150 kilometres on the ‘wrong side’of the road are enough to tire anybody out. The English drive on the left -another detail that adds to the feeling of being on the long journey to the British track that we share with F1. The typical jokes and laughter are present in the car, but nobody is really in the mood. Silverstone welcomes us with the spitting rain that forms part of our stay in England.

I run to the garage -pit box number six this weekend- and my footsteps take me to the red carpet in front of the workbench. Your baby is there, with the guardian tiger. Lifting off the cover, bike number 60 gets its first look at what will be a lonely weekend.

It is late -very late- and you haven’t arrived. It finally sinks in that you will not be coming here at all this weekend. We miss you, Julián Simón. Myself and the MAPFRE Aspar Team. Your team. Your home. We could reel off a list of compliments for you, one of the most talented and polite riders that we have ever had amongst us, but perhaps we should play a game of “Do you remember?”.

Do you remember our first pole position, at Qatar in 2009? Or our first win together, in Le Mans later that year? It was a magical season, in which you showed everyone your true potential. Do you remember Australia? I do, perfectly clearly. An imposible overtake, two long corners and a chequered flag that filled up our eyes with tears of joy. We could see that symbolic tiger on your helmet and hear the roar of a champion. 2009 was your year. Our year. One by one, you thanked every member of this large team, with humility and sincerity. That is Julián Simón.

Your career hasn’t been without setbacks, but you have never given up. And you won’t do so now. Your strength is our strength and your will is our will. You raised our spirits when you woke up from the operation and the irony was not lost: The injured cheering up those around him.

Destiny has decided that your two biggest injuries be suffered at the same track. In Montmeló you broke your femur in 2006, returned for Brno and have not missed a race since. Broken collarbones (2007) and arm pump (2010) haven’t been able to stop you. Montmeló will be waiting for you to lift the curse in 2012. Jordi Torres will look after your baby this weekend, and is ready to try his hardest to fill your shoes at this hard time. I’m sure that you will be supporting him. You will be back, but for now I just had to say that we miss you.

We reckon Julian’s a star too, and can only add our best wishes – we look forward to seeing him back on track as soon as possible. Animo Julian!

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