Gadea and Vinales ready to bounce back to form at Assen

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The MotoGP world championship gets back with the GP of Holland held in Assen ‘the cathedral’ -the one and only circuit which has always been on the calendar since the world championship’s first edition in 1949. Maverick’s objective for this seventh round of the championship is to follow the same line which has brought him such good results so far and also to learn the secrets of the track layout as fast as possible so he can remain focused on his objective and improve practice after practice and hence get a good qualifying position and start in the best conditions on Saturday -traditionally the race is held on the first day of the weekend and not on Sunday. His teammate Sergio Gadea is amazingly motivated and excited as he achieved great results at this track which he really likes. He won here in 2009 defeating Julian Simon – to whom we wish to recover quickly and properly – and he finished second in 2006. The Puçol-born rider is confident this GP will help him make a tremendous change in his difficult start to this season as a third way through it things have not gone as he expected at all.

25 MAVERICK VIÑALES: “As usual we come to Assen willing to get to know the track as fast as possible and give everything we have got. We want to work hard from the very first practice session onwards and reamin focused on our goal no matter what the others are doing. This first third of the season has been really positive in spite of the failure we experienced after the crash at Silverstone but this is all forgotten now as it’s useless to look back anyhow. We remain focused on ours and we are really excited and motivated to have another great weekend. Assen alternates fast and slow zones and this really suits my style. As shown at Silverstone we are good at getting to know a track. I am sure we can do a great performance and get a good result but we will see this as the race goes on. The race being scheduled on Saturday is a bit weird but the practice sessions are the same and so will be the approach to the race. I had been studying to complete my Secodary Education over the last two weeks and things went quite well and I have been training hard to come here in the best conditions.”

33 SERGIO GADEA: “Things haven’t been going the way we expected over this first third of the season but we have improved weekend after weekend even though we went through ups and downs There is always something standing in our way to the top where we should be. Silverstone was tough because we worked fine on Friday without any engine or setting-up issues and everything went wrong on Saturday and we crashed because of the rainy conditions as we had just started to get a sound pace. But this time this is a track I love and where I achieved great results -a win in 2009 and a second position in 2006-. The perspective to do a great race really puts me in high spirits as it would enable us to get things on the right track and be among the leaders once and for all and I think this is something the team and I really deserve for our continuous hard work. And I really want to be and stay there which is what suits us best given our potential. The situation is a bit weird and the truth is I am really angry things haven’t been going as they should have because we have a great team. But I have always been taught that hard work and tenacity pay off and we have been giving everything out to make it there.”

Source: Team BQR

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