Short but positive day of testing for Pedrosa at Mugello

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The Repsol Honda Team were back at the Mugello circuit this morning for the last test of the season with the 800cc RC212V. All three riders tested a new swing arm and then followed their own testing schedules.

The plan for Dani Pedrosa, considering the pain in his right shoulder and the fatigue accumulated over the race weekend, was to combine short rounds with long pauses in the garage to test new Ohlins rear shocks and other items more effectively. Dani left the circuit after twenty six laps with a positive feeling.

The next test for the Repsol Honda Team will be on August 15th in Brno, aboard the 1000cc 2012 Honda prototype.

Dani Pedrosa 6th – 1:49.015, 26 laps, 136 km
“It was a short but very interesting and positive test for us. We basically wanted to use this test to improve our suspension. Unfortunately, due to the issues with my shoulder, we decided not to test the front fork as I am not able to brake on the limit, so there is no point in trying it now.

This is the modified Ohlins fork from the Estoril test, where I was also unable to test it due to injury. However, Casey and Andrea have been using it since then and it looks like it’s a big step forward, so as soon as my fitness improves, I’ll try to use it also as it improves the braking, perhaps I will try it in Sachsenring during the practice sessions together with a new swing arm that I also tried today but I need to complete more laps with it make a final decision.

We also tested two rear shocks and got positive feedback. We have good data that we can use for the coming races to give us more edge grip and also on corner entry to reduce the sharpness when I flick the bike, two aspects I’m looking to improve. That was pretty much all we tested today”.

Source: Repsol Media

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