Faubel 2nd On Sachsenring 125cc Grid, Terol 4th

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Tomorrow’s 125cc race looks like being a close battle between three Spanish riders (Faubel, Terol and Viñales) after an exciting qualifying session today that came to a dramatic climax in the final five minutes. Héctor Faubel made a late charge for pole position as his team-mate Nico Terol also threatened but the experienced pair came under attack from youngsters Jonas Folger and Maverick Viñales. The Spanish rookie did enough to come away with pole whilst the German’s challenge faded, leaving Faubel, Luis Salom and Terol to line up immediately behind their compatriot on tomorrow’s grid. Those four were the only riders to break the 1’28 barrie today, with just half a second between them.

BANKIA Aspar pair Faubel and Terol are clear candidates for the win tomorrow after setting consistent low 1’28 laps today. An off-track excursion for Faubel on the penultimate lap at turn seven cost him crucial time and almost a collision with the wall, which he miraculously avoided before a final lap that secured the second fastest time. Terol lines up fourth after running into traffic on his best lap whilst Adrián Martín produced an outstanding performance to qualify twelfth despite suffering a great deal of pain in his finger and back following a crash yesterday.

2nd Héctor Faubel 1.27.808 (20 laps):
“I was on a really fast lap and challenging for pole right at the end of the session when the bike slid and almost threw me into the air. Thankfully I saved it and then the next thing I knew I was running straight for the air fence. I’m not sure how I avoided it but I was very lucky. I tried to carry on and challenge for the fastest time but it was difficult because my tyres were dirty. I am happy though because the bike is working well and the track seems to suit me. Tomorrow we’ll try a softer rear shock which I am more confident with, and then it will be a case of fighting from the start to the finish. I imagine there’ll be a lead group of three or four riders and I will have to stay focused to make sure nobody escapes.”

4th Nico Terol 1.27.992 (20 laps):
“I started the qualifying session quite well with some consistent 1’28s but when we put a fresh tyre on I struggled to put a perfect lap together, partly because of traffic. I wanted to start from pole but fourth place isn’t bad because I have the pace to fight for the win. We have a good setting and we are ready to race. My hand eased as the day progressed so hopefully it won’t be a problem for the race. A group could easily form with Maverick, Héctor, myself and maybe another rider in there if they can hang on from the start.”

12th Adrián Martín 1.28.704 (19 laps):
“I know I could have pushed harder but in these conditions and with my finger the way it is I think I have done a good job. I am little uncomfortable on the bike and the finger is a problem but I need to work on finding a riding position that eases the pain. My back is also really stiff from the crash yesterday but I am trying not to think about all that. For a moment yesterday we were looking at me going back to Valencia for surgery but we decided to stay and it looks like it was the right thing. I have qualified twelfth and the times are close so if I can get a good start and latch onto somebody there is the potential for a good result.”

Source: Aspar Media

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