Great comeback for Moncayo as Oliveira crashes out of 5th place

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The deserved podium for the Team Andalucía – Banca Cívica – Diputación de Cádiz riders still has to wait a little longer. The good work done by the Cadiz team seemed likely to bear fruit this weekend, but a crash from Oliveira and a complicated start for Moncayo, which forced him to stage a spectacular comeback, have prevented the team of Pedro Machado to leave the German Grand Prix with the result they deserved.

Both Miguel Oliveira and Alberto Moncayo have done excellent work in the Sachsenring. From the first practice the two have done their best and the progress has been steady in each session, something that made the Andalusian team aspire to great things in this race.

Alberto started from 8th position on the grid, but the engine of his Aprilia over-lubricated at the start and the Cadiz rider lost up to 20 positions, so that his race became a struggle against the classification in order to recover as many positions possible. After 27 laps, having recovered 17 places, the rider managed to finish in 11th.

Miguel Oliveira struggled to adapt to the German track, but after getting the setup for his bike and getting behind the secrets of the circuit, he knew he could do well if he could get a good start. Miguel started like a flash and after making up five places at the start he fought with the lead group up to fourth. Unfortunately he lost control of his bike on lap three and went to the ground, which prevented him from completing a perfect Grand Prix.

Alberto Moncayo, 11º: “Well, I hoped to do a different race and fight with the front, but the bike has used too much lubricant at the start and didn’t work properly in the first laps, so I could not defend my position and when the bike reacted again I focused on recovering as many places as possible. I would have liked to achieve a great result in the race, because throughout the weekend we did a great job and I think we were on the right track. I’ll take the positives of the weekend and now we have a month off, I will focus on preparing our best to be even stronger for the Czech Republic Grand Prix.”

Miguel Oliveira: “Today things have not gone as I wanted. I made a good start and managed to stay with the front group, but I was surprised by a crash at a time when I was not expecting it. I lost the rear wheel when I was on the gas and went to the ground. The good news is that I have not hurt myself and that I’ve shown that I am good enough to be with the lead group. This leaves me with a positive feeling, because I feel strong enough to fight the best in the category and I am very motivated to keep fighting to achieve the best results.”

Source: Team Machado

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