Unfortunate day of the walking wounded for Pons Racing

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The high expectations raised by Aleix Espargaro throughout the weekend, always being among the three fastest in the category and with a very good pace throughout the weekend, have been turned to frustration in the sixth lap of the race, when the HP 40 Pons rider suffered a crash which left him out of the race. In the incident another rider’s bike has hit Espargaró who had to be transferred to the circuit clinic and then to a hospital in Chemnitz for a scan. There a CT scan ruled out any serious injury, but it’s been decided for him to stay for observation overnight, delaying his return home to Monday.

For Axel Pons this Sunday went as expected, with much suffering from the first to the last lap. Despite the major setback he dealt with throughout the weekend – the injury to his left hand – Pons has drawn strength from weakness and gritted his teeth to finish the race, the first goal he had set for this Grand Prix.

The Moto2 championship now rests until the middle of next month. The next race, the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic, will be held at the Brno circuit from August 12th.

#80. Axel Pons: 22°
“Today I got a painkiller injection in the other hand, I don’t know if it had much effect because from the middle of the race I started to notice a lot of pain and just wanted it to end. I did not want to make any mistakes or crash out, because I now had many unfinished Grand Prix. That goal has helped me grit my teeth and endure it as good as I can. To some extent the suffering has been worth it, although I don’t like finishing 22nd. Still, I only want to go to the next race where I’ll be better and can do a good weekend.”

#40. Aleix Espargaro: Crash
It was a shame to end a very good weekend like this and losing a good chance at a Grand Prix in which I was sure I could be ahead. It’s been one of those crashes that catch you by surprise, the bike kicked me off and sent me into the air. Off the bike then Neurkichner hit me and it was a little scary. Luckily it seems like I have nothing serious, but I’m very sore.”

Source: Pons Racing

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