Fourth For Faubel, But Frustrating DNF For Terol

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The best conditions of the weekend at Brno came on raceday for the 125cc riders, with temperatures significantly higher than in practice and qualifying. Terol took off in front and held the lead until lap nine, when he suffered a mechanical issue with his Aprilia. He was riding solid 2:08 laps, and would surely have battled for victory with Johan Zarco. When Terol had retired, Cortese and Zarco were the men out in front, with the German taking the win in a tense duel.

BANKIA Aspar Héctor Faubel started this race having won the last round by the slimmest of margins, and today it was his turn to lose out on the podium by a hair’s width. After a great start, Faubel paid the price for a modification to the bike. However, he soon got used to the different sensations and led the trailing pack. He hit the brakes hard on the final corner though, and that let Moncayo close enough to slipstream him for third. Fourth was a creditable result for Faubel, but the Spaniard is always after rostrum finishes.

Teammate Nico Terol looked to have his name on the winner’s trophy, leading the race up to lap nine. What should have been another win for the series leader ended nine laps in, when his bike gave up on him at the beginning of lap nine. The BANKIA Aspar rider still holds a twelve point lead in the standings.

Adrián Martín suffered his fourth consecutive crash in the Czech Republic, just before the end of lap two. The Spaniard lost his front end on turn ten, ending his race and leaving him turning his attention to Indianapolis in two weeks’ time.

4º Héctor Faubel:
“We had made a change this morning to try and go for the win, but it wasn’t as effective as we had expected. We had stiffened up the front forks and got a better start than ever, but I wanted to take the opening three laps with a bit of calm because the bike wasn’t behaving in the same way as yesterday. I slowly got closer to the top three, but Viñales and Gadea came into the picture and we slowed each other down. In the end I was part of a packed group looking for the third step on the podium. I went slightly wide on the last corner and Moncayo took advantage to pass me on the slipstream. Fourth is a good result, especially because we were competitive again. I feel bad for Nico that he couldn’t finish the race, and I hope that things go better for us both at Indianapolis.”

Nico Terol (DNF):
“It is a strange feeling, because things like this are hard to take onboard -even though they are part of racing. I had a good start and had it clear in my mind that it was important to push hard on the opening laps. I knew that Zarco had the pace to follow me, so my idea was to pull the pin out and see if I could get away. Starting the ninth lap, I got to the end of the straight and the bike seized up. I tried to pull on the clutch but the bike wouldn’t start again. We don’t know what happened with it. All things considered, the best result for us was that Cortese won and allowed me five points extra advantage over Zarco. That things are tightening up is extra motivation for me, as there are still plenty of points in play and the gap has reduced. Now is the time to attack in every race, so we will analyse what has happened today and get ready for Indianapolis.”

Adrián Martín (DNF):
“I am disgusted with myself, because it is the fourth race that I haven’t been able to take points from and I really wanted a good result. Bad luck is following us around, but we are here to fight and won’t give up easily. I am convinced that hard work will help us get out of this rut. I will take things more calmly at Indianapolis and really go for it. I saw that I was losing my group today and tried to keep up, but braking hard for turn ten I felt my steering lock up. Now we need to think about the next race and see that our hard work is rewarded.”

Source: Aspar Media

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