Gadea and Viñales fighting to top six at Brno, but not satisfied

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After going through a hard time during the free and qualifying practices both Gadea and Viñales did a good race during which every rider battled tooth and nail. Gadea got a tremendous launch which put him in the lead while Viñales was gaining ground back lap after lap. They eventually missed the podium but they achieved a positive result for the team and the championship ranking.

33 SERGIO GADEA (5º, +11.144): ” Crossing the finish line in the top five is always positive but I would be lying if I told you I was entirely satisfied with this result. I got a very good lauch which put me in the lead straightaway with the option to battle for the podium but finally I didn’t make it. Both the team and I will carry on working to achieve what we want. Now we have to focus on the next round at Indianapolis and try to meet our goal.”

25 MAVERICK VIÑALES (6º, +11.473): ” The first part of the race was definitely very good and we rode pretty well. I fought my way back up and put myself in the pack which were chasing the top three. Then when Terol dropped out I was in the position to have a serious option on the podium but I had a technical problem with the shift which didn’t allow me to climb up the podium steps. Anyway it’s a good result especially taking into account the fact that we could take advantage neither of the final free pratcice nor the whole warm-up. Perhaps if I had the chance to take advantage of all the practices I could have got closer to the top riders but I insist on the fact that it is a good result.”

Source: Team BQR

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