Axel Pons successfully operated but will miss Indy, possibly Misano

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Axel Pons has been successfully operated on Friday morning to fix the ruptured tendons of the index finger of his left hand by the Chief of Surgery and Microsurgery of the Hand at the USP Dexeus Institute, Dr. Xavier Mir.

On Monday the Moto2 rider underwent an MRI at the hospital to determine the extent of the injury. Tests showed he had suffered a full rupture of a tendon and two partial ruptures which Dr. Xavier Mir fixed with micro surgical suture techniques.

On Monday, August 22nd, Axel will undergo a review of the surgical wound and presumably have to avoid any sports activity for four to six weeks, missing the next round at Indianapolis and being in doubt for Misano.

Axel Pons: “The operation went very well. I want to thank the skill and hard work of Dr. Xavier Mir who has treated me nicely again. It’s a shame to miss Indy and possibly Misano, according to what the doctor told me. I look forward to be fully recovered for Aragon to pick up the line of work again that we had before the incident in Mugello. I’ve had a very bad time in both races after the injury in Italy. I’ve had a lot of pain and haven’t felt good at any time. I hate to miss these two races for the sponsors, my teammate and my fans.”

Source: Pons Racing

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