Excellent 2nd For Hector Faubel & 3rd For Nico Terol in Misano Qualifying

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There was a highly charged atmosphere at Misno for 125cc qualifying this afternoon and not just because of the intense heat and humidity. Even though BANKIA Aspar rider Nico Terol had dominated free practice the lap times were sufficiently close throughout this afternoon to suggest that the battle for pole position would become a close affair and that proved to be the case. Faubel, Terol, Zarco and Cortese were the pacesetters as the season reached a tense finish, with a number of riders looking for a slipstream. In fact it was Zarco who was the main beneficiary, following Terol to seal top spot on tomorrow’s grid.

However, it has been a while since BANKIA Aspar riders Héctor Faubel and Nico Terol have both been such strong candidates for victory. At the end of a combative session they finished second and third respectively, two of just four riders to break the 1’44 barrier today, and with both riders self-professed fans of the Misano circuit they will be targeting a BANKIA Aspar podium double tomorrow. The team’s youngster Adrián Martín also has good race pace but a mistake at the end of qualifying denied him the chance to set a fast lap.

2º Héctor Faubel 1.43.440 (19 laps):
“I am really happy. We decided to push really hard from the halfway stage and make sure there were no nasty surprises, like being dropped to the second row. I put two fast laps together at the end of the session which were potential pole laps but I actually came up behind Adrián in the final sector and couldn’t improve the lap time any more. We have a good pace and there are only four of us in the 43s so that says something. Unless something happens I imagine us four will form a group at the front and maybe one or two others can tag along. It will be tough because nobody will want to give up a single metre but I am sure we can be fighting for victory.”

3rd Nico Terol 1.43.604 (17 laps):
“It was a really tight session and I set a good rhythm without managing to put a perfect lap together. I did three laps in the 1’43s and quite a few in the low 44s so I’m happy with that and I think we’re ready for the race. I was keen to set pole position but Zarco came up behind me and came out with a good time. We’ll have to have a look at everybody’s lap times tonight to get an idea of how the race could work out. I think there’ll be a group of four so we’ll have to get ourselves positioned well and see how we all play our cards. It was a strange session, there were a lot of riders hanging around not pushing for a time. All I was focused on was working hard – they managed to get behind me but that’s the way this category is. I am happy to be on the front row and ready to race.”

18th Adrián Martín 1.45.193 (18 laps):
“Everything had been going smoothly this weekend up until qualifying, when I was unable to set a fast lap. I was a bit more nervous than normal and left it all to the end, but I got in Héctor’s way and ruined it for both of us. We have to think positive and look to having a fun race with as many overtakes as possible. That is my goal, to finish as high as possible.”

Source: Aspar Media

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