Gadea and Viñales salvage top ten positions from difficult weekend

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It was not easy. Although they did not have any technical issues or crashes it was a difficult weekend for the Blusens by Paris Hilton Racing Team riders. For various reasons neither Viñales nor Gadea achieved a good qualifyig result yesterday and were consequently consigned to the fourth and fifth row on the starting grid which forced them to make a tremendous start or to be able to move up to the lead. This is what happened. Gadea made a fantastic start which enabled him to put himseld in the pack following the top three whereas Viñales managed to move up to the same position. Maverick and Sergio battled against Cortese, Kent and Faubel and respectively crossed the finish in seventh and eighth position which is a good result taking into account the difficulties they went through this week – which include Maverick Viñales’s feverish state caused by a sore throat.

25 MAVERICK VIÑALES (7º, +12.324): “It was a complicated race. I didn’t manage to make a good start so I had to scrape my way up from far behind. The beginning of the race annoyed us and that’s the reason why it took us quite a while to join the pack we ended up in. It was difficult because I was at four seconds behind them and it’s not easy to reduce such a gap. I eventually made it but I couldn’t go any further. The fever didn’t help either but I tried my best anyhow. If we had managed to get better qualifying positions perhaps today’s result would have been different. Given how things went throughout the weekend I think it can be said we managed to save the day”.

33 SERGIO GADEA (8º, +12.556): “Given what we did at the training and qualifying practices I have to say that I am happy with today’s result. We made a great start which enabled me to put myself in the lead pack straight away and I managed to keep up this pace without any hassle. I rode at one second faster than on Friday and Saturday because the team found out a small ”problem” which annoyed us throughout the weekend. The brake handle had been set too high and without noticing it the brake was on every time I passed a turn ! Fortunately it was sorted out and during the race I managed to score the times I was expecting to get on this track. I was a difficult weekend but we got over it. Now we have to keep on working and focusing on the next round and get a great result”.

Source: Team BQR

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