Tough race for Oliveira and Moncayo but both riders leave Misano happy

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The Grand Prix of San Marino has been a challenge for the riders of Team Andalucía – Banca Cívica – Diputación de Cádiz. Alberto Moncayo arrived at Misano with a shoulder injury which has conditioned the whole weekend while Miguel Oliveira was facing another unknown circuit where he has shown great learning speed.

The race held this weekend has forced the team led by Pedro Machado to do their best to overcome the shortcomings they struggled with every day, but the team leaves the Italian track with a good feeling, knowing that they have shown a great potential and now only think of the Aragon GP to prove to the fans that the Andalusian team is going through a good time.

Miguel Oliveira takes a number of lessons learned from Misano. This Grand Prix has taught him many things that will help him in the future and although he knows that he is capable of achieving better results both in practice and the race, he completed a weekend which has left him very happy.

For Alberto Moncayo the main concern was to participate in this Grand Prix, so after passing the checkered flag he was able to mark this goal as accomplished. But he has also shown good competitiveness, he faced a difficult situation and goes home satisfied and with the mindset to recover quickly to get back to 100%.

Miguel Oliveira, 10º: “The race was pretty tough, the temperature was quite high and this meant that we had to do an additional effort. Today in the morning warmup we had a problem with the front that we could fix before the race. In the race I made a good start and I tried not let the front group escape, but I couldn’t do it because there was some strong bumping on the rear wheel which did not let me open the throttle early. But I’m happy because we have finished another race and I picked up some experience, which is the main goal of the season.”

Alberto Moncayo, 11º: “It was a very difficult weekend and different to what we are accustomed to. We had fun in the race because this race has helped us learn many things. We had an interesting fight, but also had to face a series of circumstances which have made us work hard here at Misano. I’m happy because although I have not gotten a good fast lap, we managed to handle the tyre wear, I have fought in a good group and I managed to push at the end of the race which helped me make up positions. Now there’ll be a little rest to ensure that the shoulder has reached 100% for the next race and give everything in the GP of Aragon.”

Source: Team Machado

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