Gadea recovering well, probably out of hospital within ten days

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Following a heavy crash during Saturday’s qualifying session at Motegi, Spanish Moto2 rider Sergio Gadea was admitted to the Dokkyo University Hospital in Utsunomiya. Pablo Nieto, co-director of Gadea’s Desguaces La Torre G22 team, gave an update on the 26 year-old’s recovery on Tuesday.

There was initial concern that Gadea would need to have his spleen removed following the crash but Nieto explained that regular blood tests performed on Gadea in the hospital have produced normal results, prompting doctors to be confident that if his progress continues in a positive manner surgery will be unnecessary.

Nieto said: “Sergio has improved, the blood tests are normal and there’s a 90% chance that he may not need to be operated on. He’s still passing some blood, that could be an effect of the impact he took to the kidneys in the crash, but we are optimistic.”

The plan is for Gadea to leave the hospital in ten days if there are no complications, when he will return to Spain to continue his recovery. The Valencian also suffered a double fracture in his lumbar vertebrae.

Gelete and Pablo Nieto are with Gadea in hospital, where he has now been joined by his parents, and he was also visited by MotoGP rider Héctor Barberá who today (Tuesday) left the hospital having been admitted following his own crash during Sunday’s race. Click here for the most recent update on Barberá’s condition.


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