Salom frustrated after qualifying but determined to prove strong rhythm in the race

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Mixed emotions played the lead role with RW Racing GP during and after qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix. Luis Salom was again fast at Phillip Island, but could not cash in.

Salom had proven in the third free practice to be able to manage well at Phillip Island by setting the third time. That was no fluke: the Spanish rider was on the pace consistently and on his own. Qualifying on the front row was therefore not an illusion, but justified hope.
Immediately in the qualifying session Salom was fast. Salom: “It threatened to rain. Then you have to make sure you have a fast time. And because I feel good at Phillip Island and the confidence is there, being fast straight away was no problem.”

Until Zulfahmi Khairuddin rode in his way in turn 11, where Salom crashed in the first free practice. Salom tried to pass him on the brakes, therefore had to leave the ideal line and went off. He was lucky to be able to continue and checking the bike took only a few minutes, but the rhythm was gone.
Salom came back on the track behind Hector Faubel and could easily pick up the pace again, but it was not enough to get under the lap time (1.40.424) he set before the crash. In the last lap he finally seemed to be faster again and the intervals showed he was on the move to a top 5 spot, but in the last section Adrian Martin was in the way of Salom, and he had to get off the throttle. The tenth place was the maximum result.

“I’m really fed up with that”, said Salom. “Actually it is better here to be on the grid as tenth rather than ninth – in tenth if you stand on the right side of the track – but I’d prefer to be at least two rows further to the front. It’s in there, I know. I have the pace to be at the podium. But somehow there is always something that just goes wrong.”

Source: RW Racing GP

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