Pons forced to sit out Valencian Grand Prix after medical exam

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HP Pons 40 rider Axel Pons, after being advised by Dr. Xavier Mir and Ángel Charte of the USP Dexeus clinic, has decided after the third free practice this morning that he is not able to complete the Grand Prix in Valencia.
During the third practice and at the end of the session Pons was in some discomfort, resulting from the heavy blow to the head he suffered in Malaysia, and after a consultation with his doctors he has taken the decision not to take part in the remainder of the Grand Prix.

#80. Axel Pons: “I’m very angry not to finish the Grand Prix because I wanted to race here, it’s a circuit that I like very much and always was good for me. And on top of that we are at home and at the last race of the season. Yesterday in the wet my feeling was quite positive, I had no problem, but in the dry this morning I didn’t feel good at all, I felt as if everything was moving slower than normal and I also was dizzy at one point, so together with the doctors we decided it was best not to continue. We don’t want to make things worse or be a risk to others on track. I think this was the smartest decision. It’s hard, because I always want to compete, but it is what I had to do.”

Doctor Ángel Charte, Chief of Internal Medicine, USP Dexeus:
“After Axel’s crash in Sepang we found three foci of subarachnoid hemorrhage on the scan that was done in Malaysia. Ten days later, in our hospital, he underwent a second MRI in which we found that these frontoparietal hemorrhages were resolved. The neurological examination was completely normal, but the image showed that there was still a retrobulbar and occipital haemorrhage which was not completely absorbed. Again, on the scan, even if the pathology is subclinical and there were no neurological symptoms. Today he went out for the free practice this morning. Axel has noticed a slowing of vision and a distortion of the asphalt and other things. In the exam we did we saw hyperreflexia and a big cervicobrachial contracture which I think is enough to advise that Axel doesn’t take part in the rest of the Grand Prix. Surely the hemorrhagic focus still exists and is causing more problems with the increased pressure that the rider is under. Dr. Mir and I agreed that it would be a risk for Axel to ride.”

Source: Pons Racing

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