Viñales tops superb Rookie season with another win in final race

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The season could not have ended any better for Maverick Viñales and the Blusens by Paris Hilton Racing Team. The Young Roses-born rider won what was the last race of the season as well as the final race in the history of the125cc class world championship and achieved his ninth podium and fourth win of the year. However it has not been an easy task. Just before the race started the track was quite awkward due to the rain which had fallen throughout the night what forced everyone to ponder each and every of the numerous options and strategies. Maverick made an excellent start to the race from the eighth position and managed to put himself in second position on the first turn but got soon caught up by his rivals as he opted for a cautious style over the first few laps. As Faubel made an escape in first position Cortese caught up with Viñales and the two battled both for the third position in the world championship and to hunt down the rider who started in pole. Zarco and then Cortese’s crashing gave the race a completely new deal. Terol, free from the pressure from Zarco decided to attack until he reached the first position whereas Maverick was still pondering whether he should battle for a win or rather secure his third position in the world championship. Eventually the right choice of tyres as well as the eagerness of the Blusens by Paris Hilton Racing Team rider to win this Grand Prix of Valencia made possible for the rookie of the year to get his fourth win and to round off this already excellent debut season. Unfortunately Josep Rodríguez was not able to finish the world championship as he hoped to as he crashed on the first laps of the practice.

25 MAVERICK VIÑALES (1º, 41´44.138): “It was a great race and we won again. I am very happy even if I must confess it wasn’t an easy task. The track was really awkward so I decided to be careful and to let the first few laps go by. We had to watch out for the rain and it wasn’t worth running any risks around the beginning. As we went closer to the end of the race I decided to ride at full throttle and try to get a win. We opted for different tyres from those of our rivals and our choice proved to be the right one. After Cortese crashed I was assured to achieve the third position in the world championship – I heard it from the box – but winning the final race in the history of the 125 cc class was quite tempting. I tried and it paid off. A fantastic win. I’d like to congratulate Nico for his title and also thank the whole team as well my family and supporters. Today has been a very special and emotional day. I’d like to dedicate this great victory to Marco Simoncelli and to our Joan Xufre.”

28 JOSEP RODRÍGUEZ (DNF): “I’m very disappointed because I was expecting to do a good job in this final race. We hadn’t changed all the bike’s adjustments back for the dry conditions and things got complicated. I couldn’t avoid to crash during the first laps and that was the end of it. It was a complicated weekend due to the rain and the state of the track but I hoped to finish off the year with a good result. We’ll have to wait until the next season.”

Source: Team BQR

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