Barbera apologizes for drunk driving

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New Pramac Ducati rider Hector Barbera has apparently been tested positive and was arrested for driving under the influence last Friday when a breathalyser test gave a result of 0,32 per mille, slightly above the permitted limit in Spain.

Barbera in the meantime has issued a statement to clarify the events on Friday night when he had “one last family Christmas dinner attended by many friends” after which he returned home to Valencia by car.

Although in his understanding his condition was “not drunk” when he did the test, Barbera acknowledged that it was “irresponsible” for his part and has apologized to his team, sponsors and the supporters of MotoGP.

Hector Barbera: “I was traveling as a passenger in an Opel Astra with a friend, who was stopped for a breathalyser test and exceeded the limit allowed by law. It was him, not me, who had the result of 0.60. In that situation, because I had only one drink, it was proposed by the police that I take the car. But when I did, they pulled me over again to have me do the test as well which gave a result of 0,32 and 0,28 in 20 minutes.

I want to give my guarantees that something like this will not happen again and will get in touch with an association of victims of driving under the influence to do a session with them and set the example that I should have been before. I’m sorry.”


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