Barbera loses license for ten months after drunk driving

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After Hector Barbera was caught driving under the influence earlier this month, a local court decided to fine him 1200 Euros for the incident and take away his license for 10 months.
Barbera had issued a statement about the details of the incident shortly after several newspapers reported he was caught with 0.6 per mille, claiming that his breathalyzer result in fact was 0.28 and 0.32 in the span of 20 minutes. However, the fact that he had to appear in front of the court and was punished with a fine and the loss of his license would contradict that statement as he’d have to be caught with more than that to receive this kind of punishment. Reports from the incidents also stated that he was apparently running over a couple of red lights, speeding and swerving before the police stopped him for the test.

Barbera has already apologized to his new team and sponsors, but it remains to be seen if such an incident might have an adverse effect on sponsor interest.

Source: Las Provincias

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