Dorna CEO Ezpeleta announces big changes for MotoGP in 2013

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CEO of Dorna Sports S.L, Carmelo Ezpeleta, was present at Wrooom 2012 this week in Madonna de Campiglio where he spoke about future MotoGP™ class regulations.

The MotoGP grid has an enrollment of 21 bikes for 2012, including twelve factory bikes and nine members of the new CRT category. Regarding this mix, Ezpelata stated: “We must immediately do two things: The first is to keep the grid is as compact as possible. This is not to say that there will be no differences, but to make sure that the CRT bikes are as close as possible to the factory bikes. Second, that factory bikes don’t technologically advance to performance levels that could be dangerous, with costs that can’t be assumed. For the problem is not just how to reduce costs, it’s that if someone invests a significant amount, wins the Championship and then leaves, it leaves you with nothing.”

In this regard, Ezpeleta says that communication is ongoing with manufacturers. “We have three manufacturers – Ducati, Yamaha and Honda. I’m talking with them and I have ideas for making the championship more competitive. The basics of motorsport are the combination of entertainment and technology. In times of crisis, if we cut back on something, it must be in technology, not the entertainment, which both television and circuits pay for. Again, I’m talking to the manufacturers and I think we will come to a conclusion in May as to how the championship will look from 2013.”

The CEO of Dorna is positive he can convince the manufacturers of the advantages these changes will bring: “Manufacturers are aware of the situation, not least because the crisis is affecting them too,” he said. “The problem is that, for them, the priority has always been the technological development. And this development has made the cost of the bikes too high, which until now have been offered on lease. On the other hand, this technology that has made the motorcycles running up front lightning-fast has also created an issue with competition, because they are so superior.”

“I think we will be able to resolve these issues by consensus,” he continued. “If not, we have ideas, such as the introduction of a spec ECU or a rev limit, which could be launched as early as 2013, a year in which the Championship will be completely different compared to 2012.”

“The establishment of the single unit, according to the manufacturers, would be the biggest limiter to continued technological development. We are looking at what the best way of limiting the performance—and thereby costs—will be, to ensure that a satellite team will be able to obtain bikes at a maximum of one million Euros per season, whether through selling, through a long term leasing commitment, or through CRTs, although this cost seems excessive to me for a CRT.”


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