Gino Borsoi Looks Ahead To Aspar’s 2012 Season

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The 2012 World Championship will commence on April 8th, and this day also marks the debut of CRT prototypes in MotoGP. Among the 21 bikes lining up on the grid will be the familiar names of Randy de Puniet and Aleix Espargaró, the men set to ride the CRT motorcycles on the Aspar Team.
Sporting Director for the Valencia based team, Gino Borsoi, talked with about the impact the Claiming Rule Teams will have on racing as well as his professional role in category…

Where are you currently at with the bike development? Are you concentrating on working a single prototype or both?
“We are already working on both motorcycles, among other things, but at least one should be ready for the test that we have scheduled later this month in Valencia. This should be the complete bike, at least with respect to chassis and swingarm, though with the fairing and other aspects it’s only a first step, not the final. For the second prototype, it’s likely that we will reuse the old chassis, among other things, to be able to compare its performance to the new one”.

What are the differences between the prototype used by De Puniet at the Valencia test held last November and this new bike?
“Like I said before, we have the chassis and swingarm, we also have carbon discs and some improvements in weight (3 to 4 kg. less than the standard model). As for the electronics and motor, however, there is nothing new. The fairing will be fully redesigned in the front, while the sides and the belly pan will remain the same.”

How are Randy (De Puniet) and Aleix (Espargaró) preparing themselves?
“Randy is resting in Australia after the operation he had shortly before the end of the year to resolve a small physical problem. The operation went well and now he is recovering and doing some training to get ready for the test at Valencia. Aleix trains in motocross often, actually he spends a lot of his time doing this type of training.”

We still have some time before the start of the Championship, but what are your goals for 2012?
“Clearly, the main objective is to debut in the best way possible in this new category. We would like a season in which we are ahead of the other CRT bikes. This is our basic idea. There aren’t many CRTs, and we’d really like to have a good campaign and prove to everyone that when starting a new bike with maximum commitment, you can produce some good results. And then, maybe on one of the slower tracks, one of the more twisty ones, if we can get be close to the factory bikes, that would be great.”

Do you personally believe in the potential of CRTs?
“I believe they are the future. Now this direction has been set and it has to be followed, also in respect to the new regulations established by Dorna. I personally believe very much in this project, and I’m convinced that teams have to start to own their bikes, working with their own strengths and experience of their own engineers.
“It’s clear that the battle with the official teams will be very difficult, because in addition to their budgets, they have the expertise to put bikes on the track that have more performance. But with bikes in the hands of teams that manage all aspects of their own prototypes, not just the motor but the chassis and electronics too, will be a fundamental step for the small teams that may well find a place alongside the big names in the World Championship. With CRT, a team is required to manage its prototype the best that it can, to learns the electronics and the ins and outs of the engine. It’s definitely a difficult step, but very exciting”

How will your role on the team now change?
“Without a doubt, we need a lot more time, because before we had a single partner, Ducati, they provided us the motorcycle and then left the task of managing it to us throughout the season, plus things like replacing parts when there was a crash, that required organization of team members and various trips. It was an important commitment, but it did have limitations. Now, with the CRTs, we have to have a more comprehensive management of the prototype, dedicated to all aspects of bike: Engine, chassis, electronics, suspension…it will be 360 degree management, and certainly more challenging.”


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