Martin and Vazquez comfortable with new bike, Moreno struggling with wrist injury

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Team Machado with Efren Vazquez and Adrian Martin and Team Laglisse with Ivan Moreno have joined forces for the 2012 season and will work together for the coming year.

The 2012 season has begun. The first IRTA test where the teams and riders start their preparations for the first race of the championship have taken place this week at the Circuito de Valencia. Efrén Vázquez, Adrián Martín and Iván Moreno have done their first laps on the new Moto3 bikes and the feelings of the riders were the same: a good relationship with the team and a good feeling on their new bikes.

Efrén Vázquez is the rider with the most experience of the three in the team. He’s been the 125cc Spanish Champion in 2008 and is now in his sixth season in the world championship. He is a clear candidate for the title, he’s already been on the podium several times and he is one of the most experienced riders in the Moto3 championship.

Efrén Vázquez: “I’m very happy with the work of the team. The first test days of the year are when you adapt to the style of work of the team, but we were right in tune and could make a step further. We could use the time to the fullest and we work on the setup of the bike. I feel very well prepared and very confident about the potential of the team.”

For Adrián Martín it’s his third full season in the world championship. Since 2008, when he did his first races as a wildcard, he made a steady proggression and in 2011 he was already a regular Top10 rider.

Adrián Martín: “The last day was the most positive. We need to work a lot more on the bike and we made some big improvements, we still have to discover what its strong points are and improve to its maximum. The team is working very well, I feel very comfortable with the work they’ve been doing and although we still have a lot to learn, my impression is very good.”

Iván Moreno makes his debut in the Moto3 world championship this year. He makes the move after being one of the main riders in the Spanish Moto2 championship and he’s eager to give everything to show his natural talent. Iván had to deal with a complicated wrist injury, but he didn’t waste any time and is focused on his physical preparation for this new class.

Iván Moreno: “I have a lot of work ahead of me, a lot to learn and a lot to improve. Yesterday I could do a few laps with the bike, but today has really been my first day, but I think I did a good job. The wrist is painful and I couldn’t ride comfortably, but it’s a question of days for it to improve. In this regard I have to say Thankyou to Pablo Nieto who gave me some tips which helped me to minimize the pain in the wrist and improve my laptimes. Next week we have a new opportunity in Jerez and there I’ll be at the maximum.”

Source: Team Machado/Team Laglisse

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