Marquez prepares for the season with Motocross training in Lleida [Video]

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Eagerly awaiting a reunion with his Moto2 machine, Marc Márquez is training at full gas for the 2012 season. The Repsol rider is still recovering from the recent operation carried out on his right eye and will miss this week’s testing in Jerez, but Márquez is working hard and focusing 100% on getting the most out of a reduced preseason.

At the Circuit Municipal del Segre, located 3km from the city of Lleida, Márquez has been training in a variety of disciplines whilst he waits on a return to GP tracks. He is currently undertaking the most physical stage of his preseason, accompanied by his team as he trains motocross, mountain biking and intense gym work under the guidance of his expert physio and personal trainer.

The Repsol rider is living a normal life and his recovery is going exactly according to plan, as shown in his most recent medical examination. With an optimistic attitude and a cautious approach to his comeback, Márquez is preparing to repeat the performances of a magnificent 2011 season (in which he took the runner-up spot in his maiden year in Moto2) and challenge for further glory.

Marc Márquez: “I am happy, because I am feeling a lot better after the operation. I can train motocross now, which is a good sign. I feel safer and now my vision is almost back to 100% —I can see better every week, which is important.

I feel comfortable enough to get back on track and I am really itching to ride again. We have to take things calmly, but in the meantime I am preparing myself in the gym and on the cycle in order to start my preseason off well”.

Source: Repsol Media

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